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The Relax Sauna is the highest quality and most effective portable far infrared sauna in the world! Endorsed by thousands of medical professionals, doctors, therapists and more, this medical-grade device is instant, powerful, safe, effective, affordable and gives amazing river sweats in 15 minutes!

The Relax Sauna generates 4-10x MORE far infrared energy than other saunas and is able to increase core temperature in the body 2-4 degrees in less than an hour! This is vital to lowering inflammation, immune building and fighting infection, parasites, bacteria, mold and for ridding the body of dangerous heavy metals — without negative side effects! In fact, it feels GREAT!

The Relax Sauna provides instant calmness, deep relaxation and pleasant, unbelievable dripping sweats quickly, penetrating deeply into the tissues, skin and cells, pushing out toxins safely through the sweat. It will increase blood circulation, (great for neuropathy!) micro-circulation, oxygen flow to the brain, heart and whole body. It is also a powerful lymphatic system activator and gets that vital system flowing!

The Relax Sauna has award-winning, advanced technology that produces a pure, intense almost 100% amount of gentle, healing far infrared light. Universally recognized as a technological quantum leap, the semiconductor chip patents are the secret behind the power, purity, effectiveness and efficiency of the Relax Sauna.
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